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Where did ‘Feed Your Passion’ come from?

Find out why Anna, the founder of Feed Your Passion, hasn't always felt so healthy. She tells her story and explains why she feels compelled to help others to feel great with nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Live life to the full’. ‘Don’t count the seconds, make the seconds count’. ‘Seize the day’. All quotes you’ve no doubt heard before. Of course we all wish we could live by these quotes everyday, who wouldn’t? But what about when we wake up feeling completely exhausted, lacking motivation, when even the idea of our favourite activity doesn’t help us shake off our reticence about the day ahead? What then? Seize the day goes out of the window… Maybe tomorrow, we think. 

I’ll always remember the time I decided to take advantage of 4 days of freedom from work. I jumped in my van and headed for Cornwall. The surf looked great and I really do love to surf. It’s a long drive when you’re a northerner so I split the journey up and slept, planning to arrive refreshed and run straight across the beach into the waves. I arrived at lunchtime after a morning drive and… crash.

 I had no energy, no motivation. 

What I did have was a nap. I didn’t surf until the following day. Not even ideal weather, great surf and the thought of flying across the face of the beautiful waves could get me into my wetsuit. There are countless examples of times this has happened to me, perhaps you know the feeling well. I could sleep for England, but it didn’t help and I had to admit that my need for sleep was becoming overwhelming and far from healthy.

This photo almost wasn’t taken because that day I felt so exhausted and achey that I nearly missed out on the surf session I’d been looking forward to, trying out the UK’s first artificial wave at Surf Snowdonia.

I started to focus on my diet and nutrition; eating foods that research suggested would help with my energy and mood.

I started to focus on my diet and nutrition; eating foods that research suggested would help with my energy and mood.

I enjoyed smoothies, protein snacks, plenty of vegetables… eating in a way that I would recommend to anyone. It helped me, there’s no doubt. But over the next couple of years I kept feeling worse; fatigue, aches, pain, restless legs, numbness and tingling hands. My GP drew a blank; blood tests revealed nothing and the doctor vaguely diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Initially I was left feeling beaten, but I soon discovered a renewed sense of determination to improve my symptoms. I was already studying nutrition at that point and had been researching my symptoms online as well (ignoring the golden rule never to Google your symptoms!). I decided to see what would happen if I cut gluten from my diet.

I decided to see what would happen if I cut gluten from my diet.

The improvement was astounding.  Within weeks, I felt like a new person.  The chronic pain reduced significantly, I no longer suffered with tingling sensations or numbness in my extremities, and I had all the energy I needed to live life to the full in the way that we all wish we could!  My seconds were counting and days were being seized!

Looking and feeling great three months after I found my poison.

Now, armed with my certified diploma in Nutrition and as I continue to study, I want to help YOU. 

I got lucky, I found my poison at the first attempt, I know this won’t happen for everyone.  Crucially though, this is a journey I am passionate about and committed to. I want everyone to benefit from the life changing improvement in wellbeing and energy that I have experienced. Diet, nutrition and eating habits can play a major role in that.  Feed Your Passion was born when I realised that I can share my journey with a community of like minded people, looking to find the energy to seize their day. Whether your goal is to live an active lifestyle full of adventures, or to feel better within the limitations of your own body; you’ll feel better with the easy to follow advice, simple healthy recipes and guidance from Feed Your Passion. 

Membership provides incredible value for money at a cost that is affordable to all, with unlimited access to blogs, recipes, informative articles, Q&A sessions and more.  Sign up here, and let’s change your life together. 



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