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Anna's favourite creations

Baked Root Vegetable CrispsBy Anna HunterHands up if your ‘go to’ comfort food is crisps... do you open a family sized pack when you sit down to watch TV, then suddenly realise you’ve eaten the lot without even noticing? I love snacks and when I settle down to watch a film I’m more than capable of doing this. Shop bought crisps are likely to be high in saturated fat and salt, while being low in valuable nutrients.   Making these colourful homemade crisps may take a little time, but they’re super easy and delicious. In fact, they’ll satisfy your crisp craving AND fuel your body with nutritious goodness! 
Garlic Courgette and Tomato PastaBy Anna HunterI love pasta dishes! I used to live on spaghetti when I was younger, not very healthy I know! If you're gluten free like me, I recommend Doves Farm brown rice pasta if your budget can stretch to it. This is a really delicious and simple dish. Season it with some Nutritional Yeast as a parmesan alternative to up the protein and B12 content.
Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale and Quinoa SaladBy Anna HunterA delicious, nutrient packed salad that can be served warm or cold. This makes a great lunch and will easily see you through the afternoon! Alternative serve it as a side with dinner.
Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Bean BurgerBy Anna HunterSatisfying protein packed and high fibre burgers. Dress them up in a bread roll with your favourite burger toppings and enjoy them with a side salad and our healthy home-made wedges.
No Chop One Pot Vegetable, Red Lentil and Coconut CurryBy Anna HunterAnother of my 'no chop, one pot' slow cooker (or low heat on the hob) recipes designed to making eating healthily really easy for you! The great thing about a curry is that most vegetables work well in them, so don't be scared to go off piste with this one, just use up whatever vegetables you have! It's delicious, warming and satisfying. To avoid chopping, I recommend using frozen vegetables. If you've time to chop then of course fresh vegetables can be used instead!
Potato and Sundried Tomato SaladBy Anna HunterThis potato salad is a bit more exciting than the traditional recipe! It makes a great side dish with a protein heavy main meal! Serve it with your vegan burger instead of chips!
Vegan ‘Tuna’ SaladBy Anna HunterI love this alternative to tuna mayo as a filling for either a sandwich or jacket potato. It's also a great source of protein and will easily see you through the afternoon!
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